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Hine Language

Hine Language

Our Deaf Adoption Journey

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Back to School

January 22, 2011

I’m back in school for what should be my last semester. Lauri and I are also in school for the home study. We’ve got to take several classes. We’re just getting started, but we need to get a move on. So far we’ve made pretty great progress on paper work that we need. Here’s what we’ve collected so far:

  • Letters from our doctors saying we’re healthy
  • Letters from my work saying I’m employed
  • One of four letters from the kids’ teachers saying they have great parents
  • One of four letters from our friends and neighbors saying we’re great friends and neighbors

Left to do:

  • Have second/third interview with our case worker
  • Finish collecting school letters
  • Finish collecting friend/neighbor letters
  • Finish 12 hrs of Hague classes
  • Go to a conference in Grand Rapids
  • Bug our case worker after she has all of the stuff until she’s finished writing our home study
  • Come up with some fundraisers
  • Learn sign language

We’re still looking good for finishing the home study by the end of February.  In the mean time, we need to do quite a bit more work on preparing our dossier.  I have no idea how long that takes.  Once the dossier and home study are done and we’ve paid up to that point, they will start looking for our little dude.  I’m looking forward to meeting him.

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Looks like our home studies will be done about the same time! Hope things continue to go smoothly for your adoption and you aren’t kept waiting too long!

Katie Searls

February 23, 2011

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