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Hine Language

Our Deaf Adoption Journey

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Learning the Ropes

February 10, 2011

Lauri and I had a class down in Grand Rapids on Monday. It was a requirement for the home study, and I expected nothing more than to fulfill that requirement. I was pleasantly surprised. The class was about trans-racial adoption and all the benefits and challenges that come with that. The first half of the class, the case workers presented us with some information and we did some exercises. Most were really interesting. We also got a chance to meet with some other people who are also adopting. For the last half of the class, we had a panel of 3 adult adoptees who shared with us some of their experiences growing up in a trans-racial home. The insight was really amazing. It was also pretty amazing to look at a 40+ y/o man and think I could have a son like that some day. He impressed me most and I couldn’t help but think his parents must be extremely proud of him.

Ultimately, I think I learned that parenting is parenting. These challenges are certainly unique, but not more or less unique than challenges faced by parents of biological children or same race adoptive parents. Every child is different and parents need to be aware and be able to adapt. We’ve certainly learned that with our four kids. They sure are different from each other.

I can’t wait to find out how different our next kid will be.

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