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Hine Language

Our Deaf Adoption Journey

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Liquidation Sale

For someone looking for some quality musical instruments and equipment, here is a great opportunity to buy some.  100% of the proceeds will go directly towards bringing home our little guy.  Feel free to contact me at gdhine@yahoo.com if you are interested in any of these items.  The prices are negotiable.  In fact, if you want you could even donate more. 🙂

Everything is sold!  Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Peavey Classic 50/410 Tube Amp -$550 SOLD

Originally launched in 1991, these versatile all-tube amps retain their distinctive sound and circuitry but now feature an updated chassis design. With three 12AX7s up front and four EL84 power amp tubes plus normal and bright inputs, 3-band passive EQ, and presence control, it’s all the classic tone you seek and all the gigging versatility you need.

Fender Stratocaster (Mexico) – $350 SOLD

This Fender Standard Stratocaster is an electric guitar that features a fast-action rosewood neck, comfort-contoured alder body, 3 single-coil pickups and standard synchronized tremolo. The Fender Strat is where the tradition began and still carries on today.

Seagull S6+ Cedar GT (Acoustic/Electric) – $350 SOLD

By pairing a solid cedar top with a locally-grown wild cherry back and sides, Seagull has created an acoustic guitar with distinctive tone. The wild cherry’s sound lies between the mellowness of mahogany and the brightness of maple, while the solid cedar top adds warmth with powerful projection. A smooth, silverleaf maple neck is topped with a rosewood fretboard. The rosewood bridge perfectly matches the cedar top’s amber hue.  Grodin electronics.

Yamaha YTS-475 Tenor Saxophone – $1,500 SOLD

The 475 is an ideal step-up instrument, perfect for bringing the best out of advancing students. With a design based upon the Pro and Custom saxes, it shares many of their features, including highly accurate intonation, warm tone, and a quick response. The 475 is easy to sound great on! It is lightweight yet durable, and comes with a classic 62 style neck for optimum sound and playability. It also comes with an attractive, highly protective case, and a convenient shoulder strap.

Jinyin Soprano Saxophone – $100 SOLD


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